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1.       Small Business Topics
a.       Learn How To Get Out Of Your Own Way – Finding Your Niche
b.      How To Untie Yourself From the Tree Of Procrastination
c.       Balancing a Healthy Work Life And Personal Life
d.      Ways To Establish a Professional and Trusted Image
e.      How To Avoid the Stress and Anxieties of Owning a Small Business
f.        Step By Step Guidance On Establishing a Small Business
g.       How To Get Organized and Stay Organized
h.      Setting Up Bookkeeping and Record Keeping
i.         When and How To Select The Right Staff For Your Team
j.        How To Be a Great Employer And Team Leader
k.       Managing Your Company and Team From The Road / Working Remotely
l.         Running Your Company On a Shoe String Budget
m.    Choosing The Best Sales Channels The Work For You
                                                               i.      Trunk Shows / Pop Up Shops
                                                             ii.      Festivals / Shows / Public Events
                                                            iii.      Trade Shows
                                                           iv.      Sales Reps / Show Rooms / Distributors
                                                             v.      Consignment
                                                           vi.      Retail / Wholesale Sales
                                                          vii.      Web Sales
n.      Creating a Strong Brand Image
o.      Methods Of Marketing

2.       Design Topics:
a.       The Basics Of Pattern Making
b.      Tools, Methods, and Materials
c.       How To Create a Prototype
d.      Designing and Creating a Cohesive Line
e.      Creating a Cost Effective Product Line
f.        Ways To Get Out Of a Creative Rut / Thinking Outside The Box
g.       What Makes Your Designs Different? Ways To Be Unique and Identifiable
h.      Setting Up In House Production
i.         Costing and Resourcing
j.        How To Establish Product Pricing
k.       House Production vs. Subcontracting. Which Method Is Best For You?

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